Home interior designing tips for those who are renovating their homes

Home interior

Home interior designing is not easy, especially when it comes to renovation- there are so many possibilities! Whether you are redoing your whole house or are just looking to update it, interior designing can be very confusing. We have come up with a list of tips to help those who are looking to remodel their homes and update them this year.

Understand your style

One of the most important things when it comes to interior designing is understanding your style. In the home interior designing world, there are multiple design techniques- from the famous minimalism to the less talked about contemporary modern- there are 100s of designs. And finding the perfect match for what you like can be extremely difficult if you don’t know where to start. And we can help with that! Start by looking in your wardrobe- yes, that’s right- your wardrobe! Notice the colours you wear more often or own more of- are they more towards the neutral shades of beige, white and crème or are they more playful and colourful? This can be extremely useful in understanding your style. Next look for the kind of materials you have more of- is it mostly cotton and linen or do you lean more towards velvet and silk? Next, look at the styles- do you prefer classic pieces that can be styled multiple ways or do you go for those more in the trend at the time? When you combine these things, you will come up with the kind of style you like! And don’t worry if you don’t fit into one style- usually, interior designing takes inspiration from multiple design styles. 

Home interior
Home interior

Design the Mood boards

Now that you have decided on the kind of style you like, you must consider designing mood boards that take inspiration from those styles. Pinterest and Instagram are good places to start. Mood boards often help in bringing the ideas in your head into a reality. You can also stumble upon designs you like that you might not have considered before- it all depends on the way you make your mood boards. Essentially, it’s a good idea to use the mood boards to select the kind of furniture you are going for, the colour scheme and also the placements. This can help in catching errors or imbalanced pieces at the very beginning, saving you the hassle of ordering and reordering your furniture. 

Make a bunch of mood boards and then decide amongst them- look for the recurring themes and colours- do all your mood boards have some variation of green in them? Then you might be leaning towards that colour. Also, look for the kind of décor that is common in these mood boards. This will help you understand the features that you want in your home. 

Make lightning a priority

No matter the kind of remodelling you are going for, make sure you make natural daylight a priority. Skylights, glass roofs and big windows are some ways to ensure that your house receives the proper amount of natural daylight. Natural sunlight helps in reducing stress, makes the mood better and makes the room or space look brighter and bigger. If you have small rooms, having natural sunlight can make them look way bigger and fresher. 

By making lightning a priority, you also ensure that you balance out other elements. For example, if you go for the maximalist look, your place can look dingy and dark with all the décor and furniture- sunlight will help in making it look brighter and fresher. On the other hand, a minimalist room would look lonely and sad without proper lighting. You can also use your windows as focal points in your area, especially if they have a good view

Security is the most important

No matter the kind of interior design you are going for, security is extremely important. You can make your home secure in multiple ways- you can get burglar alarms installed professionally by clicking here, you can get more secure locks- as password protected or fingerprint protected- or you can get motion sensored lights, especially If you live in a secluded area. 

Another way to make your home secure is by installing better window locks and better window panels- the stronger the glass, the better. You can also opt for double entrance doors if you want to increase security. 

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