How to make a summer garden

Summer garden

Summer is just around the corner and we are due to see bright skies with lots of suns and a little rain (because it’s the United Kingdom of course). So if you are all excited to get ready for summer and spend your days outside, it is important that your outdoor space looks and feels good too! By having a summer garden, you will be able to not only spend time outside, but you will also add an amazing feature to your house! And who does not like beautiful tulips while they sit and read under a tree? 

Here is how you can make the perfect summer garden for your place! 

Choose flowers

Once you have decided that you want to have a garden that makes the perfect spot to host your summer parties and spend days under the sun, you need to choose the most important part- Flowers! Now a lot can go wrong here and you can end up spending money on plants that might die sooner than later. So, you must keep a few things in mind! The first thing you need to check is if your soil is good for the particular plants. Different plants need different nutrients from the soul and you might need to prepare your backyard’s soil for some of these so that they can thrive. The second thing you need to consider is if the plants you are getting are native and local. If not, it is likely they might not be able to survive in the climate of the place and die. Moreover, you can do more harm than good for your local and native ecosystem by accidentally introducing invasive species! Make sure you do proper research before you start choosing the flowers for your back garden.

Grow food! 

Summer is the perfect time for you to get your green thumb and start growing your food and vegetation! Not only will this be the perfect hobby to indulge in this summer, but will also make your garden look and smell fresh! Especially if you use a lot of herbs in your food, having a herb garden will escalate your backyard and make for the most delicious recipes. The best thing about having a vegetation section is that you can reuse the rainwater that you collect. Rainwater consists of nutrients that allow your plants to grow better. Simply collect the rainwater from your guttering system. Or, you can get the system to water your plants directly. Ask a professional for advice by clicking here. 

Get a water feature

The sunny days call for a need to be near the water! And while some of us live near the beaches and the beautiful lochs of the country, most of us have to find alternatives. And what better alternative is there other than getting a water feature!? Not only do they add a magical element to the garden but they are also really good for the flora and the fauna! Just install some bird feeders through the garden and a water feature- and you have beautiful (and sometimes migrating) birds coming in for a visit! 

Water features also increase the air quality. This is because water increases the negative ions present in the air, making it fresher. Not only that, but water features also make the place feel a little cooler- saving you from a lot of sweat and instead of providing a nice and comfortable environment. When looking for water features, you can add in the rainwater that you might collect, making your feature sustainable as well as fresher. 

Add furnishing

Adding furnishing in your back garden will allow you to take a break from sitting on the grass all the time when spending time there. Moreover, if you are hosting parties or gatherings, having furniture for your guests to sit on is extremely important. Here, you can take two approaches, depending on the size of your garden and your personal preference. You can either introduce comfortable seating areas with a table to complete the look, or you can go for a more garden-inspired look with hammocks and chairs that seem to blend in. 

You can also decide to bring your interior design style outside- matching the furnishing sets and making your back garden an extension of your home. Or, you can let your flower colours and general aesthetic for the summer decide on the choice. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is weatherproof and can withstand the changing weather of the countr0 from winds to rain to snow! 

What to keep in mind

When it comes to planning your summer garden, there is a lot to keep in mind first-hand. However, no matter your plan, you should always start with budgeting. This will allow you to not overspend or do impulse buys. Also, keep in mind the amount of sunlight your garden gets throughout the day. This is essential when you are planning on the placement of your plants. 

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