Benefits of using travel ESL lesson plans

travel ESL lesson plans

English lessons should attract students interest. This can be achieved by using trendy topics that are present in the lives of foreign language learners. In this way, they will be able to communicate more freely in English, as well as understand grammatical rules. One popular topic is world travel – the dream of many people of all ages. It can be easily introduced into the classroom with travel ESL lesson plans. This is a practical aid for any English teacher. How can it be used? Here are the details of this solution.

Varied travel ESL lesson plans

Travel ESL lesson plans can be used in lessons with students at different levels of English: A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The plans have been designed to add variety to lessons of between 30 and 90 minutes in duration. They have been structured to make the teachers job easier while not reducing the effectiveness of learning. The proposed topics can inspire students to discuss the topics of travel and transport, issues they experience on a daily basis. In this way, they can acquire new practical language skills. This will not be theoretical knowledge, but news that can be applied to their lives.

Sharing students experiences

The lessons included in the ESL lesson plans consist of content that restricts students to giving simple yes or no answers. This can help them to increase their confidence, while at the same time the lessons are never boring. Students can share their travel experiences, stories about their journeys and praise their achievements. They can share views on different countries, cultures, and a variety of attractions they have seen rather than just reading in a travel guide. Lessons also cover current events, such as travelling during a pandemic and the various situations that can occur at an airport. So it can not only be about learning English, but preparing for further trips in the future. Extensive free and

Premium plans

Travel ESL lesson plans include comprehension reading, entertaining and inspiring videos, as well as varied grammar exercises. They are available in both the free version and the Premium plan. With the help of the ESL plans, the lessons can cover a different topic each day of the week, and in this way students can be encouraged to explore the subject independently. Each lesson contains an overview, so that it is clear what vocabulary and learning methods will be used in the following lessons. These elements guarantee a gradual learning of new skills for students, regardless of their initial level of knowledge.

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