Emerald Isle Blooms In Springtime: 6 Reasons To Visit Ireland During Spring

Ireland visit

Looking for the best time to visit Ireland? If you’re ready to travel soon, timing your trip this March, April, or May might be a great idea —because it’s spring! With Ireland saying adieu to its dark and cold winter season, we can finally see how beautiful the country is in full bloom. 

We can all agree that the Emerald Isle is beautiful all year long but spring simply brings out the captivating aspects the Irish landscape is known for. Think about the lush green fields, vivid flower gardens, picturesque mountain views, tranquil lakes, and roaring coasts. Aside from breathtaking natural sceneries to feast your eyes on, spring is also a season with a wide array of events, festivals, and cultural activities to discover. 

Get your passports ready! In this article, we list down 6 fabulous reasons to visit Ireland during springtime, which takes place between March and May.

1. Ireland’s beautiful landscape begs to be discovered

Looking for a destination that looks as if it’s painted by an artist? You’ll never run out of postcard-worthy attractions to see in Ireland’s springtime. Thanks to the light rain showers, Ireland can produce beautiful flowers and vivid green landscapes during spring. Forests, fields, hills, and mountains come to life, with an abundance of flora and fauna. 

If you’re heading to the Emerald Isle during spring, include lots of outdoorsy adventures in your itinerary. It’s the perfect time for sightseeing, hiking, biking, and visiting botanical gardens and national parks. 

2. Catch the exciting events and festivals

Ireland is filled with events and festivities in the spring. Let’s start with St. Patrick’s Day, a significant holiday in the Irish calendar that takes place on the 17th of  March. There’ll be colourful parades with floats, traditional Irish music, pub gigs, and lots of singing, dancing and drinking. The biggest celebration would be in the Irish capital but you’ll find various towns and villages filling the streets with a festive atmosphere too. 

The Irish festival scene is also booming with a good chunk of cultural events for April and May. One of the must-sees is the Kilkenny Roots Festival (29th April – 2nd May 2022). Here, locals and tourists wind their way through the medieval streets sampling a wide range of music in over 30 venues. Enjoy over 40 Irish and international acts in free and ticketed shows from early afternoon until late into the night. The night is going to be long so secure a stay in a conveniently-located hotel in Kilkenny

Other events and festivals dotted around Ireland include: 

  • Galway Theatre Festival (Galway)
  • Cúirt International Festival of Literature (Galway)
  • Franco-Irish Literary Festival (Dublin)
  • Dublin Bay Prawn Festival (Dublin)
  • Life Festival (Westmeath)
  • International Literature Festival (Dublin)
  • West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival (Wicklow)

3. The days are longer in spring

Unlike winter, things going to be brighter during spring — literally. The sun rises between 7:12 (beginning of the month)  and 06:13 (end of the month) then sets between 18:17 and 18:49. During May, the days get even longer with the sun rising at 5: 17 and setting at 21:26. Longer daylight hours mean more day tour opportunities to play with. 

The best part is the fun doesn’t stop at sundown. There are plenty of amazing nightlife activities to experience, including dining, drinking, clubbing, watching live gigs, and simply enjoying the Irish nightlife scene. 

4. Enjoy the cool, comfortable weather

Spring is the season of change — the season in between the bitterly cold winter and the scorching hot summer. That said, you’re guaranteed to enjoy lovely weather and mild temperatures when heading outdoors. 

We might expect rainfalls during spring but they’re usually drizzles and not heavy ones. You may want to pack umbrellas, layers, and waterproof shoes though, just to be prepared.

5. It’s the shoulder season

Spring falls between the low tourist of winter and the peak season of summer. The shoulder season allows you to beat the tourist rush while still having plenty to do and see. 

Without the crowds, you can make the most of Ireland’s beauty like a local. You can visit the top-rated tourist attractions without encountering long queues and competing for a nice spot. You’re also less likely to bump into people when trying to admire the paintings and artifacts in a museum. Lastly, the prices of airfares, hotels, and tours are much lower during the shoulder season. 

March, however, is the only exception since St. Patrick’s Day pushes rates up and attracts thousands of visitors. 

6. There are plenty of things to do in Ireland

Ever wanted to visit a popular tourist destination in Ireland but the crowds turned you off? Or longed to go on a scenic hike or drive but the weather isn’t in your favor? Well, spring is a great time to tick a few activities and locations off your bucket list. 

Whether you’re into nature-filled adventures or you’re seeking historical and cultural trips, spring is the best time to enjoy a wide array of activities. Take your pick from these best things to do in Ireland, whether you’re in the heart of the city or in the lush countryside. :

  • Sign yourself up for sightseeing tours
  • Visit botanical gardens and national parks
  • Visit a popular tourist site without competing with a flock of tourists
  • Try hiking or joining scenic walks (like coastal walks) 
  • Sample traditional Irish fares, craft beer, and other spirits
  • Visit a museum or art gallery 
  • Discover the prominent castles in Ireland
  • Travel back in time by visiting heritage sites
  • Embrace Irish tradition by participating in the festivals and cultural events

Mild and comfortable weather? Check. Breathtaking landscapes? Check. Fewer crowds and cheaper travel costs? Check. All these things considered, we can all agree that spring is one of the best times to fulfill your dream Irish trip. 

Author Bio:  Carmina Natividad is a travel and lifestyle writer. Aside from taking vibrant street photos, you can find her writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny

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