Unique Austin Homes You Need To See

Unique austin homes

Have you found yourself in the Live Music Capital of the World with no idea what to do? Not to worry! There are so many exciting things to see and do in this city. All you need is a nudge in the right direction.

After you are finished looking for accommodation in the city, you may want to do some sightseeing. If the usual cafes and restaurants just won’t cut it for you, then you can try booking a tour for some of these unique Austin homes. 

So grab your walking shoes, pack a bottle of water, and charge your smartphones. You’ll definitely want pictures of these places!

Earthbag House

Is this what housing of the future will look like? The Earthbag House is situated behind the backyard of a one-storey home. It may look like it was shaped out of clay, but in reality this structure was built with a variety of different materials.

This house got its name from the materials used to make the walls and ceiling. Earthbags are long, tube-like packs of locally sourced dirt that you can stack. They may look cute, like they belong in a Studio Ghibli movie, but earthbag homes are not just about the aesthetics. These homes do not take a lot of skill to build and they are very cost efficient. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make more shelter. In addition, these homes have a high resistance to natural disasters.

Under the Sea

Looking for something that reminds you of the beach? Then Lois Goodman has the best place for you. Lois is a car artist who has turned her home into one big work of art and she has been working on it for more than 20 years!

What are some aspects of Lois’ home that you can look forward to? First, she features at least 23 different colors on the inside and the outside. This would usually be more of an eyesore than an attraction, but Lois knows how to make it work with her extensive knowledge on deep color theory. Some parts of her house we know you will love include her bathroom with 109 uniquely-lit dichroic glass tiles, the rockstar rock garden in her backyard, and the fence with an undersea mural in it.

Beyond her art, she also has an impressive number of collections you can enjoy inside. Feel free to admire her troll dolls, hats, salt and pepper shakers, and Rolling Stones memorabilia. 

Indra’s Awarehouse

Here is a spiritual and physical experience that will surely change your outlook on your life and body. Randi Southard, a local painter and acro-yogini, has made her living space a haven for those who are interested in practicing visual and performing arts. When you visit, you will come across painters, musicians, costume designers, aerial artists, bodyworkers, energy consultants, and yogis. 

It is a welcome respite from a fast-paced world that seems to put money and work in the forefront of progress. This is a place where you are free to be comfortable and get inspired by the passion of others.

House of Wonder

When you first step into this property, you might think you’ve visited a museum by accident. But this home has been painstakingly decorated and maintained by Brad Henderson, who is known around these parts as the local mind reader, magician, and hypnotist.

If you are a child at heart, then you cannot pass by Austin without stopping by Brad’s home. The House of Wonder is filled with all sorts of exciting items from the top three things that shaped his childhood the most: magic, Disney, and the Addams Family. 

Disney scenes, pieces of animation art and old magic show posters line the hallway and walls of the home. When you enter Brian’s office, you are greeted with a ton of magical memorabilia. If you love books, then don’t forget to stop by the library. It has over 3,000 books on magic, with some of these dating all the way back to the 1600s!

Now that Brad has a child of his own, you may even get the pleasure of seeing his son’s jaw-dropping collection of dinosaur figurines and items.

The Music House

No visit to Austin would be complete if you did not pay homage to a home that showcases the full breadth of Austin’s title as the Live Music Capital of the World. This four bedroom and three bathroom house is owned by Luis Zapata, who has dedicated his life to metal music and the Pecan Street Festival. Alongside Luis lives Mapy Ramos, a yoga practitioner as well as a TV and film makeup artist.

In addition to their passion for music, the hosts are also great animal lovers. They have several animals on the property, including a cat, some chickens, rabbits, and a fish tank.

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