Best GPS Apps for Truck Drivers

Best GPS Apps for Truck Drivers

We’d better admit it: truck driving is not just about getting on a big and heavy vehicle, opening Google Maps, and driving leisurely to the point of destination. Just like in the case of accountants, developers, and managers, it is a job that requires a set of tools needed to provide the most fruitful results. Read this article to get the general information, and check for a more profound understanding of the issue.

The information a truck driver needs to arrive at the final stop is not limited to the route. There are many more important factors to consider: weather forecast, the height of bridges, traffic gems, ns of fuel stations, truck stops, and loading docks. This data is impossible to obtain out of thin air, so truck drivers need the appropriate hardware and software to gather and analyze the information and choose the most appropriate route. So, reliable GPS and apps are of utmost importance for all involved in commercial trucking.

As the truck drivers’ needs are very specific, standard GPS systems and apps lack certain functions. Therefore, specific GPS navigators appeared on the market to cater to the demands of the pickiest drivers. How are they different from the usual ones? If we speak about GPS devices, they have big displays, speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, and software that provides information about current traffic and weather conditions, and develops routes in accordance with the truck dimensions and weight (so that your truck won’t hit a nearby bridge or use a blocked roadway), gives detailed turn-by-turn directions, calculates the cost for toll roads, fuel, and accommodation on the way. Such devices are not free, but their cost is nothing if we consider all the positive effects they provide. The drivers feel more secure and protected, travel expenses are reduced and fixed in GPS memory, and the chances of timely and safe arrival get much higher.


Several companies produce trucking equipment and navigation systems. It’s crucial to know these brands, as well as their peculiarities. Truck drivers have different necessities and habits, so the device suitable for one can be inconvenient for another. It’s critical to choose those features that will be useful for a particular person and to pay attention to the price, as such a device is a significant investment.

Garmin is well-known for producing high-quality GPS navigators that can upgrade your life on the road. The number of different options is quite vast. The most popular models are Garmin Drive 50 USA LM and Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S. The devices boast of such functions as driver alerts of sharp curves, speed changes, etc., synchronization with Foursquare, easy break planning, control with the voice, and lifetime traffic avoidance. 

Rand McNally is another company that claims to produce cutting-edge devices that can meet the demands of the gradually changing commercial trucking market. They give special attention to cab connectivity and electronic logging. There are at least two models worth attention: Rand McNally TND 520 and Rand McNally TND 740. New Rand Navigation 2.0 software, enhanced map displays, and a quality magnetic mount are among the most significant benefits. The navigator is fully-customizable and easy to adjust to the truck dimensions.

Although trucking GPS navigation systems offer an impressive variety of functions, sometimes drivers might need some more sources of information. Buying another specific device can be excessive when almost each and every one of us have a mobile phone to install a necessary application. The applications used in navigators are company-specific and can be used only with designated devices. But apps for mobile phones are more universal and usable on any phone. They can be used to read reviews about truck stops and check their working hours, find the best places to eat, and book accommodation. And the variety of such apps is quite impressive.

Google Maps

You’d be surprised, but this app is popular among truck drivers due to its huge database of reviews to almost all locations on the way. It’s well-known and reliable enough for almost all of the world to use when on the road. Moreover, with the impressive amount of maps for different countries, it can be used freely for international tours.


It relies heavily on crowdsourcing but still holds the title of one of the best mobile apps for truck drivers. It offers an option of automated rerouting and helps to get to the destination faster and safer. There is data on traffic accidents, road closures, and gas prices. 

Trucker Path 

This is America’s No.1 app for truck drivers. Millions download it to find parking, weight stations, or for wholesome trip-planning. Drivers can even share their lane and commodity preferences. One of the strongest points is the dedicated community that will help to solve any possible problems on the way.

CoPilot Mobile Navigation 

This app offers a more detailed map than the previous app, but you have to pay for this option. It also allows one to enter truck dimensions and develop a customized route. You can use it for caravan navigation as well.


It attracts users with different variants of views: street, satellite, and even hybrid. However, there are subscription plans, and you have to choose one of the payment options to be able to use this app.


To conclude, the number of different tools, devices, and applications for truck drivers is impressive. It’s easy to get lost in all the multitude of options. Before making a choice, we advise you to think carefully about the necessary functions and driver’s preferences. And remember that free-of-charge apps can play their role and make driving more enjoyable but no mobile app can substitute professional navigation devices. Only specially-designated equipment will ensure the driver’s comfort and peace of mind and help them concentrate on the road. The market supply is abundant. That’s why you have an opportunity to choose a reliable friend that will accompany you on the road and lead you to the place of your destination like a guiding light.

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